Our mission was to transform the way real estate developers interact with their clients by fostering immersive experiences. Driven by extensive research into the wishes and requirements of our customers and their customers, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the conventional customer showroom visit, saying goodbye to printed brochures and physical models of buildings and constructions. Our goal was to reinvent the entire customer process, focusing on improving user experiences. Our innovative interactive app, meticulously designed to deliver a sales encounter like no other. The centerpiece of this experience was our pioneering 55" custom-designed interactive touch screen, a one-of-a-kind innovation in Colombia. Each element was meticulously thought out and designed to create an immersive and dynamic sales environment.
These tools enabled our clients to showcase their diverse range of projects in prominent cities across the country, all without the need for fancy showroom models, expensive brochure designs, or the logistical challenges of creating and transporting physicals. In fact, this became the driving force behind an amazing increase in sales for many of our customers. In addition, the clients had a new experience that allowed them to know in a more immersive way the projects where they were investing their money. Through these projects, we not only revolutionized the sales landscape, but also bridged the gap between the traditional and the extraordinary. By embracing innovation and meeting the changing needs of the industry, we forge a transformative path, changing the way real estate developers connect with their clients in a new era of retail experiences.
The application we developed for touch screens allowed users to see a 3D rendered model in real time of the architectural or real estate project they were buying. This allowed the different users to know first-hand the characteristics of the project where they were making their investment, the layout, the size of the rooms, the areas of the projects, the view from the floor and the height where the apartment was located on the which they were interested in, by the way as a real location on the map with nearby points of interest
For this project, I develop the 3D modeling of the different elements as well as the development of the user experience.
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