This project consisted of a series of elements that we developed for Bavaria, one of the most important beer brands in Colombia that is part of one of the largest international companies in this field (Ab Inbev), and which was put into operation in different major supermarkets in Colombia such as the Éxito group.
For this project we developed different phases, the first consisted of an interactive screen that was installed in one of the points of sale. In this project, he was in charge of developing the 3D interfaces, since we had to simulate the production process of the beers, it was a very interesting experience. interesting by combining tactile interfaces in a sales space with a 3d interface that, in addition to allowing its functionality, simulated a part of the production. Additionally, for this project I took the photographs and videos necessary for the record.

Here is a small representation of the UI and interaction with the touch screen that was found in the points of sale

Interaction with this screen allowed users to learn about the different beers that were at the point of sale, their origin, their characteristics, and the most important functionality was to be able to locate them within the point of sale through a simple interface that activated a light bulb in the upper part of the fridge where the type of beer that was sought through the screen was located.

Here is a video of the App in use at Carulla Supermaket

As a result of the success of this project, we were involved in another project where we were asked to create a mobile application for the points of sale that would complement the experience and interaction that we had previously proposed. This consisted of a mobile application that was geolocated and that only allowed its use with full functionality at the points of sale chosen by the brand. The application, in addition to containing information about the entire brewing process, had an augmented reality functionality where, through the management of databases of the references of beers sold at points of sale, users could use the application with the augmented reality to identify each of the different brands, references and characteristics of the beers sold at the point of sale. Additionally, with our client's brands, more additional information was offered and the possibility of knowing different recipes for the preparation of food that were especially paired with the type of beer.

User interaction with the Transparent LCD Screen experience

Finally, after the different projects that we carried out, we were asked to make a proposal for a different experience from the one we had previously made, which is why we decided to use transparent LCD screens, probably one of the first in Colombia, to display all the information on four outstanding products (Beers) for the brand. In addition to all the challenges we had during the production of this entire module, it was a new challenge for us to be able to develop a new type of interface for a transparent and animated screen.
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